Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New technology is fun and exciting.

Two weeks ago, at a meeting of a networking group, I learned about QR tags and Mtags - coded symbols that can be interpreted by an app on a smartphone to take you to a website. A few of us here at ZMC downloaded an Mtag app (found at and started playing with every Mtag we could find. We've put an Mtag on our new flier, a how-to guide for our newly updated website. It will be in the mail soon, or you can view the flier at Now I'm looking for tags in magazines and telling my colleagues about this technology.

At ZMC, we love new "toys" - and I use that word to mean new equipment, new products, new technology. Our newest toy is the latest Agie-Charmilles wire machine, delivered just in time for Christmas and delighting everyone in Engineering and the Tool Room by its speed, fine finish and ease of programming.

We're working on new products all the time. It helps us if you, our customers, get involved in this process by telling us about YOUR new products. We want to develop products that solve your design and manufacturing problems. We're happy to send one of our engineers out to see your issues firsthand. Just call (914-666-2911) or email us (